perjantai 2. joulukuuta 2011

Under construction - progress


Steel and wood structures are installed, next some roof things.

Very rewarding when you can build a steel structures on proper metal workshop.
 Condition of the machinery and tools, and materials available :) , and at an affordable price :D .

"You can choose and collect there and there everything you need, if you accept these rust steel"

Little bit over measured steel parts, but WTF, now it´s done and no doubt tough enough?

Whether some information about where is time to buy?

I have so much stories to blog, but no time to write, Wootz things on frontline.

A small quiz:
 How much weight is  6(six)litres of Wootz ignot;)

Put your answer on comment area.

Halibatzuibaa, B.Sofa!

ps. Now i have little bit time to play ... BF3 ... I love it;).

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