perjantai 1. heinäkuuta 2011

Main project

Welcome - Tervetuloa

Something progress has occurred, there is tiny chance to get my new smithy for next winter.
Many other jobs waiting to do (first:( ).
Same problem everycase, no time, okay, there is time, but not enough for every job.

Heh. my english is not very good, if you don´t notice that before,
I stared laptop screen about 3 min scrambling words right order in my mind,
then type some and freeze up again.
Im not tired, I can not be.

View to my smithy yard, some construction work already made.

Opposite view, standing with camera on smithy back wall.
Exavate 40 cm mud/soil layer, there is hard rocky/clay ground.

Pile of ripped roots and stumbs...anyone...come and get these, there is no charge;)

hih hih hihii..

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