sunnuntai 10. heinäkuuta 2011

Next level - 1 down and rising

Main project

Otherone exavator visited and do exelent job(s).

exv - base for road - ok!
exv - remove mud/soil - ok!
exv - spread 40-70cm layer of crushed 0-90mm rock - ok!
myself - run over ten times with 465kg compactor - tight;)
exv - spread 20cm layer of crushed 0-32mm rock - ok!
ME - dug and covered, 70meters 40mm PVC waterpipe - ok! With shovel!!

Intresting journey in wonders of nature, something beautifull.
Digging dirt from groundwork, expose very old "seabed damask".
Lighter is brittle and dark is tough layer.
No any fossil´s yet.

Lower part is for powerhammers, not les than 70cm very tight rockbend, 4x4 meters size corner.

Waterpipe is for "heating", forges and blast furnaces make so much waste heat for some kind of exhaust heat exhanging, now i get piece of it under my feets:)
Deepground is allways at least 4 grade celsius, winter here in Finland otdoor temp is +2 to -35 C.
My intention is use exhaust heat to warmup ground under building in winter.
There is no insulate under building at all, that is for summer, I want bit of that deepground 4 Celcius
in my smithy, summer in Finland is allways at least +20 - 30 C;)

B. Sofa

ps. next some Wootz case,  maybe 

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