maanantai 23. tammikuuta 2012


(Great) success

Two bars of  Wootz
8x22x250mm, half of A2 ingot, smelt Dec 2011.
Forged first with springhammer 20kg,
then  airhammer(30-40kg?) Sweet.

15x25x300mm half of nro:7 A5 ingot, smelt Jan 2011.
Forged with same airhammer

That bigger ingot half (7th) rolling on smithys corners(waste:)) allmost a year.

Ingot nro:7  Been hot? (Ollut kuumana) pic date 23012011

 Other half, forged about a year ago.

There is some progress, foging a Wootz :D,
or it been bit a raw until now;)


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