maanantai 3. syyskuuta 2012

Under construction - progress - setback.

I had a good feel for my new smithy, but..

We got the roof watertight just before Christmas 2011.
Ther is no snow or freezin weather, wonderfull time to construct outer parts for winter.

I like idea finish inside, when winter weather coming.

Then comes Boxing Day, yeh, and srongest storm for a while (100year :))

Winds blow like a Big Bad Wolf and rip half of my smithys roof of.

25 kg OSB plates fly abuot 100meters away


Okay, I´ll been a bit lazy blogger, sorry.
There are few sketch including this, now I´m bit flu and have a time
to finnish these stories.


I promised to my neighbor move in my new smithy this autumn hhhmmm...
To do list is looong

cast floor,
install electricity,
the inner walls of the brick,
 roof, inside and ouside.....

I´ll try


ps. my smithy is neighbor old workshop and I was orginally supose to move a year ago

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