maanantai 12. marraskuuta 2012

Curly Birch & Burls

Wood things.

I have huge stock different  wood species and different varites allmost every species what I have.

Curly birch and different burls now on display.

Curly Birch

There is few logs of Curly Birch pulled out of energy wood pile.

Same logs cutted on half and two other logs of  "Visakoivu"

This specimen tree was cutted of some garden and I save it from fireplace.

Curly "flesh"

On use"

Slightly rotten "ex" Curly Birch needs some epoxy.


Birchshootsburl? Size ok and growing, nice and tiny pattern, very persistent woodtype

"Basic" Birch burl, size big, want this in my stash.

Different burls: Prunus padus(Tuomi), Alnus glutinosa(Tervaleppä), Betula pendula(koivu),
 colored with Narvi

Wenge, rottenCurlyB, Birch burl.


Bandsaw was spoken.

Salix caprea(Raita) and Parson russel(dog)

Nooooou! too late, few years, 10,15...

Alnus glutinosa burl

Quercus robu, Oak.

Prunus padus and Birch.

Picea abies, Spruce

Pinus sylvestris, pine

All of these Wood species grow in finnish forests.
I have pieces many other wood species from around a World,
but it is other story.

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