maanantai 2. joulukuuta 2013

Year 2013

Summary of year 2013

I have been busy for hole year.
New smithy has taken smal steps throughout the year.

Floor reinforcement was a tricky, but interesting part of floor making.  

Professional floor laying, not my job. :)

Places for some serious tools.

RDM-500 Drilling&Milling machine, rookie on my shop.

I like.  :)

Flooring in forging section.


One Swedish spring hammer comes to spin in my smithy.

Is there some omen spinning the air

Halloween 2013

It´s not only for forging.
There is also some time to party and

Velho, potatoes and some fresh
game(deer) from backyard.

Welcome, witch way?

Dance floor on left,
Lounge on right, Right

Lounge, behind horns & bones


B l u e m o m e n t .

Serious Raving

Over and Out

For a while...

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